No. 1 Masterbatches Producer From India

No. 1 Masterbatches Producer From India

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Colour – Where Soul and Eyes Meet

Colour is all around us. But even though we are surrounded by colour, or rather as a consequence of it, we sometimes don’t pay heed to the importance and influence of colours on our life. But that doesn’t mean that colours don’t play a part in our life, or that they don’t sub-consciously hold power over us. Don’t believe me? Think of a traffic light. The red makes you stop in your tracks, and the green makes you whizz by. Colours also affect out mood and mind-set, certain colours like yellow signify happiness and activity, while others like grey signify coldness, strength and gloom. No colour is bad, or good, it’s just that each has its own role to play in our lives.

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But what gives colours this awesome power? Perhaps it’s because our ability to visualize is the most strongest of all senses, and one that holds sway over us the most. Can you imagine a life without colours? Expression would cease to exist without colours, and the world would be a very drab place indeed. Nature is our first and foremost inspiration when it comes to colours, and we can all agree that there is no better artist nor designer than nature.

REPIN Masterbatches understood the potential of colours early on, and as a leading masterbatches producer of colour masterbatches, we have developed our colour palette, focusing on colours as a bridge between the soul and the eyes. Our palette, inspired by nature, offers colours from a wide colour spectrum based on our customer’s personalized needs. Visit us at to have a look at our colour guide.