No. 1 Masterbatches Producer From India

No. 1 Masterbatches Producer From India

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Orange – Get Noticed


Orange, signifies a lot of things, but the first thing that comes to mind is of course, the fruit. The discovery of the citrus fruit by Portuguese merchants was the first time this colour was noticed or discovered (by the European world anyway), and it has been the colour of freshness and noticeability since then. It was called ‘narang’ or ‘naranj’ by the natives, which got garbled due to language differences.Hope this answers the age old question ‘Did the fruit come first or the colour?’ Today, orange is the colour of safety and visibility, as well as amusement and entertainment, and any industry connected to any of these qualities or endorsing them, utilizes orange in its products or advertisements.

Orange in Plastics and Masterbatches

orange color masterbatch

REPIN Masterbatches, the leading masterbatches producer from India, deals with orange colour masterbatches all the time, the main consumers of which are construction companies, which use it for traffic cones, and construction barrels and drums. Constructions signs and high-visibility clothing for construction workers, as well hard hats also utilize orange color masterbatches. This, mind you, is just about construction, which is in no way the extent of the utilization of the colour orange. Orange is also widely used in the entertainment industry, as in theme parks, toys, as well as in cosmetic packaging, accessories, and food packaging. Orange is always used to enhance the appeal of an item, to make it look ‘tasty’ and desirable.

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