Addictive Masterbatch

Quality additive Masterbatches is manufactured by REPIN showcasing high-performance. Weare considered the best manufacturing company in producing additive Masterbatches in large chunks.

Talking of its application, it is used with a broad range of polymers that are ultimately used to optimize processes and for finished package performances.


  • UV stailized Masterbatches
  • Flame retardant Masterbatches
  • Anti-migratory agent
  • Anti-static agent Masterbatches
  • Static agent Masterbatches
  • Desiccant Masterbatches
  • Anti-oxidant Masterbatches
  • Nucleating agent/ Clarifying agent
  • Polymer processing AID (PPA)
  • Anti blocking agent/slip/release agent
  • Anti-microbial agent
  • Anti-rodent Masterbatches