White Masterbatch

We are the manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters for superior White Masterbatches of high quality and performance.

Over 200 White Masterbatch formulations, with some pigment loadings up to 75 percent is offered at REPIN.

Use of Titanium Dioxide which is in an excellent state of dispersion is utilized, thus, giving maximum opacity, brightness, and gloss at economical prices increasing customer satisfaction both in terms of cost and performance.


1) Food contact acceptable grades
2) Medical use grades
3) Weather able grades
4) UV blocking grades
5) Antistatic grades
6) Engineering resin grades including GF
7) Grades for very thin films, BOPP films
8) Grades for PET fibers
9) Highly loaded products of up to 75%
10) Specific color tones in conjunction with color pigments