We are a company of plastic-based products and rely heavily on excellent quality masterbatches. REPIN masterbatches never vary in their excellent quality from one order to the next, which is why we've been their valued customer for years.

Amit Singh

Most companies do only what is expected of them. REPIN masterbatches is an exception, as its services and quality are really above par with other companies which we previously worked with.

Rajesh Singh

We tried REPIN masterbatches for our film and blow moulding applications for the first time in 2015 on the suggestion of a friend. The improvements it has brought to our product has made that decision one of the best we've taken.

Suresh Sharma

It's true that you never know the best unless you've tried it. We had been using another companies masterbatches for years until they sent us a bad batch, and we started relying on REPIN masterbatches for our masterbatch needs. We haven't looked back ever since.

Tapesh Chauhan